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    01. Pompeii - Bastille
    02. Cough Syrup - Bastille
    03. Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
    04. Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg
    05. Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) - Regina Spektor


    Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of posts although you really should be used to it by now I had planned on writing a fic to go along with the last text, but decided against because I didn’t have the time nor the inspiration. However, I got the idea from this fic right here, and while I would’ve changed some things around had I written one myself, that fic is wonderful and probably much better than anything I could’ve come up with so go read that if you’re interested.

    Also I may be posting more texts but don’t hold your breath.

    And did I mention I finally changed the theme? It’s nice go check it out.

    be-my-aaron-tveit asked: Thank you so much. You are very nice as well you are the first one of the others that I have met. Wanna be friends?

    Absolutely. You’re officially on my list of people to invite over when I have an excess of liquor to share. 

    be-my-aaron-tveit asked: Oh hi R. I don't think n I would get you to do that because then they may not like me anymore. What did you think when Courf told you about me?

    I thought he was making you up, actually. You know, something to try and get a rise out of us, but apparently I was wrong. You seem lovely. -R

    be-my-aaron-tveit asked: That's kind of scary to be honest. I've never bad anyone really care for me. Well except Gav he helped me when my family out me out.

    I know right, it’s completely terrifying when people actually care about you. I’m sure he means well, though, and if he doesn’t just tell Combeferre to tell me and I’ll kick his ass for you. -R

    be-my-aaron-tveit asked: You can if you want. His name is Finn. I wonder if Courf would wanna talk to him. He said he knew Courf.

    Courf’s never mentioned anyone named Finn, I don’t think. But I’ll ask him about it. I’m sure he’ll at least want to meet the guy. 

    be-my-aaron-tveit asked: Seams like you guys will be having a nice night. I have a date... ;)

    Oh? With who? Am I required to interrogate them like those fathers on television do? I hope not.